Check private ig profile

Check private ig profile

Welcome everyone to this quick guide where I show you how to check private ig profile using our viewer. So pretty much the method involves our online tool also known as ig viewer. So all you need in order to view the private profile is their user name or URL. After you got those all you do is enter them inside our online generator or viewer and the rest is left to our little program.

How does the IG Viewer work

Well the answer to that question is quite simple actually. Our program has a verified profile on INSTAGRAM and it can view any profile. No matter if it is locked or not, so when you enter in the URL or ID of the person you want to view the photos of it. Then just locates them and downloads the information! Afterwords it adds it into our database! That way when you check them you will be displayed with the photos and information like comments and likes.

To end the post on how to check private IG profile

Alright to end thing offs, we ADDED a couple of new features and no worries when you view the profile and 30 minutes pass the photos and information of the profile are deleted from our database. So yeah that is pretty much it you can check private ig profile from one of the hyperlinks above or on this sentence.

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