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Insta viewer


Welcome folks to our newest update of the insta viewer. The instagram viewer application is made to view private instagram profiles with ease. So you may be wondering how this is possible? Well all we did was implement a special developer account that can view all the pictures. In using that account inside our online application we were able to make the viewer possible. So pretty much, when you write the target’s profile ID/URL the account searches for it and tries to find it.

Now that we have explained how it works

So pretty much now that we have explained how the insta viewer works, it is time to explain how it goes so you can use it to view thew private profile. So firstly, you open up our INSTAGRAM VIEWER home page and click on the red button. Afterwords, grab in the id or link to the person you are trying to view the private pictures of and just enter it inside the blank text box. Next just click the button and view the PHOTOS! With our newest update you are able to view both the photos and information of the photos. Meaning the insta viewer allows you to view the photos of your victim’s, their likes, number of comments and even an option of downloading the photos.

How does the instagram viewr download the victim’s photos?

The answer to that question is actually pretty simple. When you enter the information required inside our online application it automatically downloads all the photos to the database. And afterwords shows them to you in an uploaded version. And you can download them as well, after a 2 hour period our ig viewer deletes the information it gathered and is ready for new information.

The links to the insta viewer is in the article here, in a hyperlink version!

I hope we answered all your questions on how the instagram viewer works. If you have any more questions, please comment below. And if you have bugs please report them to our e-mail: That’s ALL! Thanks for coming. 🙂


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