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The Instagram Viewer

Welcome everyone to this web page where I show you an amazing tool called instagram viewer, and it’s features. So to first start off, the instagram viewer tool is used to view or spy on private profiles and has the capacity or ability to also download those photos. You have 3 options. Which whom are to Download as zip, watch online or the third option. So in the video previously shown I use the first method, which is to download the photos in an archived file. The victim’s photos (or the girl’s) were very few so it only took me 2 minutes to enter the profile, wait for the insta viewer to do it’s magic and download them. Once, I downloaded them I opened them up and you have HQ images like you would on your phone.

So how does the instagram viewer work?

Well the insta viewer tool works in a very simple manner. In order to view the private instagram profiles, you will need to get the instagram profile URL or name. Then insert it inside the blank text box. Once that process is done you will need to click continue or on “view the private profile”. Then a small to mediate process begins, where the program or online tool (a.k.a ig viewer) cloak’s itself and simultaneously tricking instagram into thinking that the tool is a follower of the private profile. Which gives access to the person’s followers, likes and photos. Then it just downloads the photos and gives you the option of viewing them or downloading them for yourself. So yeah it is that simple!

How can I get my hands on the insta viewer tool?

Well all you need to do is go to our home page and click on the red button. Then insert the username , click continue and wait for it to finish. And you will have the photos. That is all for now, you can find yourself now that you know!

Thanks for coming, if you have any reports of bugs or any other comments feel free to e-mail us at

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